Testimonials, Reviews and References


“Our team at Omni Interactive Advertising are dynamic, creative and results-driven online advertising professionals. Their most notable strength is their impeccable attention to detail. They also excel in creative campaign development and innovative digital strategies utilizing the latest and most effective technology. Our account manager has great communication and leadership skills, with a track record of initiating innovation and growth. We have been very pleased with our campaign performance and working relationship. We have seen year over year sales growth over 100% every month over the last 2 years. We attribute this growth directly to our partnership with Omni Interactive Advertising."
  - Paul Smith  |  E-commerce Director, EQ Logistics


"Omni Interactive Advertising are our internet marketing gurus.  We are thrilled with their work.  The team is very competent, experienced, honest, reliable and above all, totally results driven.  What I really appreciate and what sets them apart from others, is their engagement level.  They are immersed and up to date on the latest and greatest online advertising techniques. They bring that to their clients with openness and generosity. It not only adds to their credibility but it adds a lot of value to the client. The consulting sessions always get my wheels turning in directions I had not yet considered. The Omni Interactive team are worth every penny and every moment of time.  Many resources use the word "partner" but with Omni Interactive Advertising, it really is a partnership.  They take our success seriously - as though it were their own.  "
 - Martha Walker  |  General Manager, MPP Inc.