Advanced Ecommerce Analytics 

If you don't have an extra $150,000 a year to pay for Google Analytics Premium and you are frustrated with the free version of Google, there are other choices. Adobe Analytics, formerly Omniture Analytics used to be the first choice for enterprise analytics, but still might be a little pricy if you are not an enterprise ecommerce business yet. For the small to medium size ecommerce business we like a couple of advanced analytics; Kiss Metrics and Spring Metrics.

The biggest problem web marketers and store owners have with site analytics is an overload of information. There is typically not enough curated data to make actionable decisions which will result in more sales. If you have your ecommerce analytics section of Google Analytics set up along with meaningful goal tracking and "next step" monitoring, you will be able to grade your results on a regular basis. You will be able to pin-point which pages on your website are creating the biggest bottle necks and work specifically on those pages to get more customers flowing to your shopping cart.

Website analytics is about gathering, analyzing and deciphering data to make informed business decisions.  Today, ecommerce business owners have to rely on the numbers to gain insight into customer behavior to stay ahead of the competition. Every day your website traffic is giving you answers, telling you what interests a potential buyer and what does not. 

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