Paid Search Marketing For Ecommerce

As you’re reading this, there are potential customers out there searching for information on the brands and products you offer. There are really only two options: They’re either finding you, or they’re finding your competition. 

The beauty of Paid Search is your ads show in front of your customers, precisely when they are looking for your products.  You bid on keywords and when a potential customer searches on those words, they see your ad and click on it.  You then pay the search engines a fee for that click.  It might sound expensive but your ad is only shown to potential customers who have searched on your keywords and that is a highly interested prospect!  

Executing the perfect paid search campaign can be tricky but in the right hands, it can be enormously profitable. New clients typically see a 30% boost in sales during the first three months of becoming a customer.

Why Outsource Your Online Advertising Management?

Most of our clients were doing an excellent job of managing their AdWords before they hired Omni Interactive Advertising to manage their campaigns. You may be asking yourself, why should I outsource such a vital process critical to the success and growth of my company? Ultimately we have found the #1 reason for partnering with Omni Interactive is to grow sales and keep adspend to sales ratios (ROAS a.k.a. ROI) under control. To receive a detailed question and answers list, please contact us today.