Ecommerce Website Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization

54% of client side marketers said that bottlenecks caused by IT and web development teams are their biggest pain points. That sums up why even the most enthusiastic and ambitious website marketing teams are eventually brought to a snails pace. If, despite the challenges, you are still interested in the payoff of a landing page that converts well, you came to the right place. You know that:

a. It is a huge waste of money to keep sending site traffic (especially pay per click traffic) to a page that is not converting into sales.

b. If you have a higher conversion rate that your profit and ROI will increase without spending more on advertising

The problem for most companies is knowing what to optimize on their web pages and where to start. Also developers and designers cost money, so you need to offer some reassurance to whoever is holding the purse strings that your changes will have a positive result on the bottom line. If you are dealing with an interanl IT department then it gets even harder to make changes, since most IT departments take 2 days just to fix a TYPO! We’ve all been there.

Our solution is to go outside of your IT department and around your developers by implementing a landing page software specically designed to make testing different landing pages easier. Once you have a high converting landing page, then you implement the changes on your website.

The benefits are:

1. Lower Web development team costs.

2. Reduced Time to Market

3. Higher Conversions Rates

4. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

5. Put An End to IT Requests & Developer Bottlenecks

6. Happier IT & Software Teams

7. Marketing teams that like their job again.

Landing page software is easy to use and requires no html coding or IT department. To get started today contact Omni Interactive Advertising.