Plans & Pricing

At Omni Interactive, our fees range from $1,500 to $5,000, not including adspend.  We consider various factors in determining the fee including:
How long you've had a Google AdWords and Analytics account and your level of success.

  • The quantity of consulting you require.
  • The duration of your contract with us.
  • Which combination of services you require.
  • The speed at which you want to grow your company.

On all accounts we provide a customized online advertising strategy that is specifically geared toward ecommerce businesses.  

Features and Benefits:

Relevant, Qualified Traffic - Place your ads in front of qualified prospects at the moment they are searching.

In-Depth Performance Reporting - We provide comprehensive monthly performance reporting for maximum accountability.

Ad Variate Split Testing - We use an ad-variation testing system to identify the most compelling ad copy.

Conversion Rate Optimization - We place specific emphasis on improving landing page conversions to maximize advertising spend.