SEO My Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads or Google Shopping is Google's version of Amazon and Ebay. The big difference is that when the shopper clicks on your Google Shopping ad they are directed to your e-commerce website. These ads feature the product image, price and short product description at the very top of the page.

Shoppers are attracted to the ads because they can easily see products and their important features and quickly make a buying decision.  Google shopping ads are growing in popularity, at an even faster rate than AdWords in recent years.  And Shopping ads, when combined with text ads are even more effective. So the question you have to ask yourself is if they are so great why isn't everyone using them? The problem is with the execution. Google Shopping Ads capture a very broad audience and if you are not careful you can accidentally donate large sums of adspend to Google with very few sales to show for it. To SEO your product listing ads follow the guidelines below:

  1. Make sure your datafeed product title(s) look similar to Amazon's title for your product
  2. Make sure your datafeed product title(s) look similar to other sites selling the same products as you on Google.
  3. Note which ads show up higher and what they use for a title and product description.
  4. Make your product descriptions long, repeat the important words and phrases


Of course the other option would be to have us do it for you. Contact us today to get your shopping ads the targeted exposure they deserve.